[Crusade] Upcoming Releases! Prepare your wallets!

With the recent reveal that new cards from Sunrise Set 20 onwards will all be considered under one Episode Code, players who have been playing Sunrise series in Crusade have been salivating,awaiting the rumored massive booster that is said to encompass ALL series that have been released in Sunrise Crusade thus far.

There has been a new development, however, that we are sure will sway people’s hearts and wallets. And you heard it from us here, first!

「クロスアンジュ 天使と竜の輪舞」第2弾PV.mp4_snapshot_00.40_[2014.09.25_16.13.24]

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[Crusade] The One Direction Revolutionary Boyband

When players think of Valvrave decks, the first thing that comes to their minds is the Valvrave I Hito (Full Impact). It is indeed a monster of a card that, with the proper set-up, is able to one-shot the opponent’s deck, while buffing its own health modifiers to the point where minus modifiers and burn can not even come close to taking it down. Or perhaps it will bring to mind the new Valvrave I Hito (L-Elf Piloting), capable of outright destruction of clashing opponent units. Today, however, I’ll be talking about a different Valvrave deck altogether.

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Whats cooking at No Ren Ping~ Upcoming League plans

Its been awhile since the last post from me. Fear not, we are back with a vengeance.

Here at NRP, we have noticed that people have been complaining about the lack of competitive scene in Singapore. While having a talk with Pulper recently(well heck its over a month ago, I’m that lazy), why are meta decks called meta deck in Singapore when we do not even have a competitive scene for either ChaOS or Crusade here.

So thus we decide to make a league for ourselves. There will be no prizes, no medal, just pure honor and bragging rights and for ChaOS, 俺の嫁は最強!

I will leave the announcement for Crusade to the Crusade guys(and banana). So here goes the plan for the ChaOS league.

1.Players who wishes to join the league will have to submit their names and contact details and email to us

2.This league is not location/shop locked. Players are able to play with anyone registered with us.

3.Submission of scores are weekly based. A minimum of 1 games and result have to be submitted weekly, the players are allowed to submit multiple set of results in advanced, but only 1 set of score will be updated per week. If they miss the deadline, the score that week will be 0.

4.Each player will need to play 1 set of best out of 3 (first to 2 wins) match against each other player in the 2 month period.

5.Where and when the players play is entirely up to the player’s discretion as long as it fulfills the time limit requirement of 2 months and minimum 1 game per week.

6.Players who take part in this league agrees to disclose their email contacts to other players in the league, we are not responsible for the leak of personal information. It is at the player’s own discretion if they wish to exchange other contact details or channels for convenience of arrangements.

7.Each league will last 2 months. At the end, top four players will play off against each other to determine the ranking.

8.The ranking will be reset and application will be open again.

9. In each subsequent league the top 2 from the previous league will be seeded, however, if the player wishes to forfeit his seeded rights the right will be passed down the placement, if all players wishes to forfeit seeding rights, there will be no seeded players.

10. If the player wishes to, he/she may record the video of their play and send it to us, where we will pick 1 game per week to cover.

11. The submission of scores are purely based on integrity, after a set both players will have to submit their scores, once the scores we receive tally, we will accept that as the final results.

12.Changing deck is not allowed in the final RR face-off between the top 4.

13.Winners gets bragging rights.

14. Players are allowed to register up to 5 decks with us. Deck list cannot be changed during the league and they can only use those decks.

15.We will post up which partner/partners who is playing. But deck list will not be revealed until the end of the league where top players deck list will be shown(players can opt not to).

16.Players are allowed to change deck in between different players but not within the same match.

17.This is only available to players located in Singapore.

To top it up, we will have a Hall of Fame dedicated to the winners of each league. Winners name and deck list will be posted up for everyone to see. We however will not be responsible if your waifu gets NTR-ed >:D

That basic rules aside. We will need you to send us a email containing the following details:

-Name & Nickname(if you want)
-Deck list. Card name and quantity.(For lazy pricks card number is fine too, or even lazier pricks, a picture of the deck is fine)
-Preferred method of contact. Can be email, can be through facebook.

Please send us the details to [email protected]

For deck list, either submit to us in a text file or a word doc. Do not send us some weird stuff.

The deadline for this is by 28 September 2014.

[Crusade] Screw the Rules – Short Term Planning vs Long Term Planning

No, we are not talking Magic, this is a Crusade column after all, but I do love the humour the good fellows at cardboardcrack.com cooks up. Definitely check them out even if you don’t play Magic . That said, there are many parallels that could be drawn in terms of basic concept between Magic, the granddaddy of all TCG and Crusade.

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