[ChaOS] Up and GO! Heaven and Hell! LETS ROCK!

Finally we have consolidated the names and decks for our first NRP ChaOS league. Now its time for us to beat each others waifu up…

As stated in our rules, each players are suppose to send us in their decks. In this post, we are going to reveal which partners are being used by whom. So before going down to smash that guy face in, you can try to guess which deck he is going to use and probably counter him?…..

As of the first league, we have a grand total of 19 people. *pachi pachi* I will be setting up a page to hold all the information soon(we all know what is happening at Singapore Expo Hall 2B this weekend, I apologize for being slow). Even better still, you guys can even smash each other when you are free at the event!

Looking at the name list, I am pretty sure most of us know each other but nevertheless, if anyone needs help contacting any players do drop us a message on our wall or through PM

FB: https://www.facebook.com/norenping

We will run this from 4th October 2014 to 4th December 2014. There will be a slight change to the league plans. We will instead allow players to submit their result as and when they like. Weekly reports will still be encouraged so that we can update the table. The changes are

1. The scoring for the table will be as follow: 3 Points for wining, 1 for loss, 0 for draw.
2. Missing any match against any player will be considered a draw(0 points for both). Thus the more games you play, the more points you can get.

The top 4 results will be reveal in the same week the league ends. If time allows, we will consider doing a top 4 play off video.

Without further ado, our first 19 ChaOS players.

Alvin “Munk” – Yuuya

Ben Quek – Yune

Chew Keng Siang – Ruri, Sana, Shirley

Cobi Chak Kopi – Anzu, Chino, Ren

Huan Da – Ai, Kuon, Meiya, Mifuyu, Takao

Joshua – Matsuba, Erina, Kazuki

Kelvin(cait) – Siegfried

Kimoi – Chino

Lin Wei Min – Megu & Maya

Marcello – Eila, Shizuka, Miyafuji, Shirley, Shirley

Matthew – Amane, Arthur, Rize, Sharo

Randen – Karin, Ren

Rickson – St.Irene

Takuya – Iona, Naegi, Nymph

Zihao.L – Byakuya

Jonathan Ameke – Marisa, Marisa, OreYome, Sharo, Karasu & Suzune

Willis Otah – Takao, Haruna, Den Den & Rai Rai, Kud, OreYome

Rex – Kongou, Kongou, Kyousuke, Rin, Okabe

Sebby – Yukari, Makoto, Akari, Airi, Sena

Lets make it a blast!