[ChaOS]Never Ending Love Wakoto

Hi there everyone! Lovely X Cation & Lovely X Cation 2 was released recently. This is my first time writing an article for NRP *.* (dokidoki)

Without Further ado, I’ll talk about a deck from the recent release of Lovely X Cation & Lovely X Cation 2. Alright! Onto the deck list!

Card Number Card Name Quantity
HW-025(Partner) 学園最強の鉄壁「出水 和琴」 4
HW-006 2人で居る世界「天ヶ瀬 優希」 3
HW-008 遊園地デート「犬吠埼 綾」 4
HW-010 体育教師は女神様「月岡 三朝」 4
HW-014 弱くて寂しがり屋な素顔「黒川 瀬良」 4
HW-015 宝石の海の中で「黒川 瀬良」 3
HW-017 競泳対決「成川 姫」 4
HW-020 ごきげんクレープ「韮崎 日向」 1
HW-024 ダイゴロウと「吉野谷 星音」 3
HW-038 水槽に広がる世界 3
HW-040 ベッドの上には 2
HW-042 海辺の道路脇で 3
HW-044 ゲームセンターデート 4
HW-047 止まらない妄想 3
HW-049 白イタチさま抱き枕 3
HW-031 西部開拓時代の衣装「月岡 三朝」 2
HW-032 ジムでトレーニング「黒川 瀬良」 4
HW-035 ヒーローショー「吉野谷 星音」 1
HW-036 水面上の雌豹「出水 和琴」 3


Wakoto from Lovely X Cation 2 is a very flexible partner. Her Abilities are:
[Entry](Put one character from [Face Down] to [Face Up])
[Auto][Partner] At the beginning of your main phase, Draw 1. This ability activates even when [Face Down] [Battle]
[Partner](Put 1 card to the backyard from your hand) Choose 1 from the following 2 abilities. After that, draw 1 card. This ability can be activated even when participating in battle.

– Until the end of turn, this character gets +3 ATK, gains [Penetrate].
– Until the end of turn, all characters of both players Minus 2 Attack Power.

A fairly common main phase draw Partner with a never before seen ability. Minus two attack to all characters. Combined with the right cards,defending will be much much easier.

But! Here comes the tricky part. Putting one card from your hand into the backyard requires careful decision making. Prioritizing is very important. Remember, what you send to backyard might come back to hunt you later in the game.

You may wonder why this deck does not have event retrieval sets. The reason is that, most of the event in the deck goes backyard after use. More importantly, this deck does have any source of Cushion Burns. Since I am not going to retrieve any card from waiting room, my opponent can join me as well. The Set also prevents both player from retrieving cards and reduce any non battle damage by 3. That’s killing 2 birds with 1 Stone!


[Face Down Reverse] Entry Cost? Have no fear! Wakoto has an extra that is able to return her back to the extra pile. Thus friend with heavy entry cost such as [Face Down][Reverse] will still fit nicely in the deck. Using your partner as the entry cost, then extra her to put back your partner back to [Face Up][Stand]. Upon entering the extra, you can look up to 3 cards in your deck. Rearrange them and draw 1 after that. This helps you to plan what to put into the backyard knowing what you will draw. Next, I will talk about the crucial friend that this deck plays.

Key Defensive Cards


Excellent draw and defense. Hime nulls all stats gain on the character she battles with. After using Wakoto’s ability, the hime can defend higher Base attacks characters. For example, opponents partner has 18atk on attack but the Partner is a Level 2 with a raw stats of 4/4, +2/+2, lets throw in a +2/+2 set set as well. After using Wakoto’s ability to reduce all characters by 2. Guarding with Hime means his partner is only 8 attack(6 + 2 + 2 – 2). Just like that, you have defended against a partner attack without taking any damage.


This set works very well together with Hime. You can return this set to your hand, Choose one character. Until the end of turn, +3 Def. Yeah you got it! This set together with hime can block a Level 4 partner with a Set and only to take 1 or 2 damage from penetrate. This set is +3/+0, this means you can put this set onto offensive characters and defend later. Isn’t it useful?

Key Offense Cards
One of the best offensive friend the series can offer. A simple 10 on offense penetrate friend. Together with the set, it will be a 13 penetrate!

Key Utility Cards

Amusement Park Date [Inubousaki Aya] Tresspass could be used to return Weak & Lonely, Honest Face [Kurokawa Sera] and another copy of herself on the field. Entering them again gives you more draws, thus giving you more options. Sera can extra into a heal +2/+2. More firepower!

Cards like Aquarium can prevent a big attacker that entered that turn. Nowadays, partners with self extras that have ability to return back to extra pile after use is pretty common. Thus this event can prevent the partner from attacking the turn it extra(extra counts as entering a new character).

Roadside at the Sea Side can be used to face up characters, especially Hime. This means that Hime is able to block again. This time, the chance of being faced down is lesser.

Ultimate Utility Cards(High ren pin needed)

Game Centre Date 1st ability allows you to summon an extra neglecting the once per turn extra rule. It evens allows you to extra over the same extra on the field. This mean you can extra the same card and level it up. It is a potential +6/+6 to all characters except herself with is +4/+4.

The 2nd ability requires you to send one friend to the waiting room, then allows you to enter a character card from hand without paying cost neglecting the once per turn character entry rule. Sounds ok? Here’s the best part! Using this event without a friend on stage allows you to enter a character from hand. Now you can safely enter another friend! Wow! 2 friends on Turn 1!

Now for the 3rd ability! You can use this event in battle phase and choose 1 character, it get’s +3/+3 until end of the turn! Depending on the Situation, it can be used either Defensively or Offensively. Truly a good Utility card!


Though this deck is not perfect, it definitely is able to play on par with all the current Powerhouses.

For Win & Losses may come and go, but my waifus. They Stay Eternal. HD signing off
出水 和琴

[ChaOS]Deck Build – Brain of a Genius!

Time to take a look back the past few weeks. Koichoco was released, Koihime was released, Reminiscence was released, Daito was released. Heck where are the posts regarding these!?

Well, I was caught up in a MMO Archeage and lost track of everything. I apologize for letting the site go stagnant for so long. So in order to make up to it, I will try my very best to talk about different decks at least once a week or maybe more.

So to start it off, I like to head into my favorite type of play for ChaOS, burn type. Here is the deck list first.


Card Number Card Name Quantity
TG-105(Partner) ホープタウンの頭脳「倉屋敷 和葉」 4
TG-102 異文化体験「大善寺 涼風」 3
TG-103 大和の支配者「大善寺 涼風」 1
TG-112 本当の意味で箱入り娘「宇賀 呉羽」 4
TG-113 純粋な少女「宇賀 呉羽 2
TG-114 新人特務官「森 由香」 4
TG-118 素直で前向き「キズナ」 4
TG-004 驚異の身体能力「キズナ」 3
TG-038 復活した天才「島津 秀隆」 4
TG-081 突然のキス 4
TG-144 引き寄せる災難 3
TG-146 届いた想い 2
TG-T14 病に苦しむ秋 3
TG-T15 過去の幻覚 2
TG-147 天才の頭脳 4
TG-150 初めての衣装 3
TG-127 楽しい食事「宇賀 呉羽」&「大善寺 涼風」 3
TG-132 至福の時「大善寺 涼風」 1
TG-135 大人になりたい「宇賀 呉羽」 2
TG-136 悪酔い「森 由香」 4

Kazuha from Reminiscence Re:Collect has a relatively easy burn mechanic. Her ability are as follows:

[Entry](Put 1 card from your hand to waiting room, put 1 Set with [Set] from your waiting room to
your hand.)
[Continuous]All the Set in your hand loses [Set]. This ability activates even when
[Face Down].
[Main][Partner][Turn 1](Put 2 cards from your waiting room to backyard.) Deal 4 damage to target
character.If this character has a set card with [Set] on, you may also draw 1 card.

You only have to backyard 2 card from your waiting room to deal 4 damage to a character. Compared to the more “normal” burn effects(mostly draw by card effect), this ability can be easily activated. As this deck is focused on burn type damage, events will be used almost every turn meaning that this will help keep the waiting room filled without taking much damage. So far I have not faced any problem with using this ability even in turn 1 or 2.

Kazuha’s set, Brain of Genius has inbuild penetrate and its a +3/+3 raw stats set(Yes you seen it right, its a +3/+3 set). In addition, when it is taken as damage, you may choose to drop a card to waiting room and put it to hand instead. By right, this set has a set cost of dropping 2 same OS card to waiting room, but Kazuha’s ability will negate away the set cost. BUT as it does have a set cost, using Kazuha’s ability will still allow you to draw a card.

Thus it is a +3/+3 penetrate set that combos with Kazuha’s ability with almost 100% guarantee getto. Basically the partner and set card solved 3 of burn deck’s main problem, handsize, not getting the correct card and no penetrate. Her stats is not really small as well(despite her small frame), as it is a +3/+3 set. Taking into account the 4 damage from burn, it will be considered a 6(partner stats @ lvl 1) +3(Set stats) +4(Burn damage) total damage…. on the first attacking turn. Even at late game, remember all those pesky null stats gain event, oh hey, it is pure stats! It cannot be nullify by the event!


Against burn type partner, opponents will usually try to up their “cushion” type friends or sets as fast as possible. Thus, it is important to deal with those as Kazuha does not have any way to turn her burn damage into combat damage.

First up will be friend type. I tried to stick to the theme and use her event(well not really her but with her picture) but the cost was making it very hard to use as it requires a Face Up and Standing character. Thus, there was no choice but to use the Aki’s version instead which just require a Face Up friend. OCD was kicking in though….But both of them are cute, so I am going to let this side…


Next up, dealing with sets. Beside the normal send set to waiting room events, Reminiscence has a event card, Illusions of the past, that totally suit this deck purpose. This card is from the trial deck and what it does is at the cost of 2 handcard, you can return a set card to hand, and all your opponent characters takes 3 damage. Basically, just by using 3 cards total, I can remove a “cushion” set, then set your field on fire! In addition, I can also choose to return a set from my side instead. See the second set I used in the deck? It allows me to give a character +1/+1 when i set it to a Reminiscence character. Return that and set again for more power.

Ahhh~ Another pettan <3
Ahhh~ Another pettan <3

Another event that is worth mentioning will be Feelings that reached. This is a single point null penetrate event which cost is only to put a character from stand to rest. It conserve your handsize, which I had mention earlier is a problem for most burn deck.

How I will use this event is when your opponent has a high attack character with penetrate attacks, I will use a low defense but standing character to guard, then declare the use of this event and using that guarding character as cost for the event. This way, I do not lose much since that character was going to be down in the first place

Ren is cute but....
Ren is cute but….

Suzuka is cuter!
Suzuka is cuter!

Right with solving “cushion” burns problem out of the way, next will be handsize. Playing with fire means you will burn though your hand cards very quickly at times. Thus it is very important to have a healthy number of hand cards at time. Thus I am using Shimakaze Kureha characters. Both of her character cards have draw on entry and she has a self extra that allows you to drop a card to draw 2.

Hidetaka is also a good source of draw, once you have him on the field. Whenever a Reminiscence character enters the field, draw a card. Combo off Kureha, you can be either drawing 2 – 3 cards just by entering her character card. Extra-ing a character will also be ability to activate this draw. His stats is not something to mock at too…. at 3/7, he is a pretty good defender as well.


Yuuka is a RR card that is godlike in not just this deck, but almost all Reminiscence deck. She gives attacking partner on attack +3 atk and guarding partner may draw on guard. What is more, her self extra allows you to look and rearrange top 3 card of your deck, then you may draw 1 AND her second ability, put this extra card back to extra pile and Face Up a Reminiscence character. Basically this set of character has almost every utility needed.

Entering Yuuka(Face Up 1 character as cost), then using her as a cost to burn 6 damage(Face Down, Reverse cost) then extra-ing her to put her back into Face Up, Stand. In addition, Hidetaka ability will activate as well, when you extra a Face Down Character, allowing you to minus 3 def to 1 character.

A simple calculation here, in the process of healing 2 characters, I will be able draw a total of 3 cards(entering Yuuka, extra Yuuka, and Yuuka extra ability), using a event to deal 6 damage, minus 3 defense to a character and then using Kazuha’s ability to do another 4 damage. Talk about effective!



The result of this deck, I would say is more than satisfactory. This burn deck punch harder than most due to the set. As long as I am able to get the set and Yuuka up fast, handsize was never a problem.

Disabling the field through burn damage and event is easy once you have enough handsize. Burn 6 events are usually hard to play because of the heavy cost but with the Yuuka extra around, just blast a away! Add on with Kazuha partner ability, most of the time your opponent defenders will be gone or left with very little defense. Morale of story, burn away and smack with Kazuha!

Suzuka & Kureha extra is a first strike extra that either gives whole field +2/+2 stats or heal a character or both when the extra is level 3 and above. Their first strike allows them to survive from attacking as your opponent characters should already have low defense from the burns. This way you will not lose character from attacking!

If my opponent’s partner is at level 4, if possible, usually I will try to get his field down as much as possible. Then gaining as much stats from extra and leveling up characters, I will then proceed to smack in damage. I do not have to worry about much events countering, only Face Up, Stand character events. In this case, most of the time my character stats will be enough to down whatever my opponent chose to Face Up to guard. Meaning the game is usually set.

Less defender means almost no chance for your opponent to use events to stop your attack.

Right, that is all for this deck, hope you liked it…Maybe Suzuka deck next….HNNNG