Just a random post about WGP


Hi guys, its been a long while since I appeared around here~ Pretty much working on translations for COTDs for the past few months or so due to exams and stuff, so as an apology I’m here to write a new post!! YAY!!

… okay enough of the small talk, I know I’m a pretty boring guy. As most people know, currently they are holding ChaOS WGP qualifiers all over Japan right now, and I thought to myself “hm, probably a good idea to analyze the decks that won” because, well, they’re good. I picked the winner of the Sapporo region to start off with for a simple reason, and that’s because it has only been about 2 weeks since the release of The [email protected] One For All expansion, but its already flooding and dominating the ChaOS scene. Without further ado, into the deck list!!
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[ChaOS] Recent news

Time to do a little update on what had been happening recently as it seems that everyone over here is dead…. Although we had 3 guys at ChaOS side, 1 was having finals(Mugger), 1 was going on a holiday(HOLIDAY WHAT!?), 1 was getting bogged down by work cause of Anime Festival Asia(NOOB!). Once again we apologize for the lack of contents over past 2 weeks. For those who had requested translation on certain series, do not worry, we have started on some on them.

Firstly, ChaOS NKDS has decided to stop due to other commitments. Do not worry, we have already gotten permission from the translator for the earlier release to rehost it on our site. It is already up on our translation page so head over to check it out.

We will also like to take this chance to thank them for all their hard work over the past years for the ChaOS community and allowing us to rehost it here. We will try our best to expand on what you guys have done and make it greater. お疲れさまです。

Secondly, our own hosted league has concluded. Things did not really go the way we had planned, thus a revamp will be needed before we start the next one. Meanwhile, we will be posting a Top 4 playoff soon with video hopefully sometime later this month once we get confirmation from the players.

Lastly, lets check out WGP 2014 in Nagoya.

A total of 48 [email protected] deck entered and with Yayoi taking the 2nd place. August deck is behind with 36 and Koihime with 15.

We already have tested some [email protected] and August deck, thus this result is not surprising to us. Both series have very good card pool and the decks that can be made are seriously fun to play with.

And then we have Sendai WGP 2014

During this period of time, August deck was recently release thus explaining high number of August deck. We realized that both locally and in Japan, Nagi was the most used partner as her abilities seems to be better and is very versatile in both attack and defense.

A deck review on both series is currently underway. Please stay tune =D

Source – https://twitter.com/bushi_teamchaos