CharaExpo 2015, What to expect!

Today, Yuuhi and I attended the press conference for Chara Expo 2015 to find out what this new event happening in Singapore will be about. We were surprised at the amount of content Bushiroad had planned to bring in.

This event will be on June 20-21, which is the best time for most students as it is a holiday period and exams are the last thing on mind. So LET IT GO AND HAVE FUN!

Awaiting at the entrance was this cute standee of Shiyoko…..Merlion version drawn by Nishi sensei! Wanted to sneak it back home, but it was too large =X

Awaiting the start of the press conference.

Names of exhibitors that will be attending…..did I see Front Wing……*GASP*


Odex heh…..

GSC being in the list is not surprising, neither is Bushiroad(DUR!?) but Visual Arts and Nitroplus…certainly do not see that coming as well…WHERE DID THIS LORRY COME FROM!

Ticket price relatively cheap considering who are coming. Then again, massive wallet bleeding inside. Everyone prepare your wallets!

Besides the usual exhibitions and mechandise booths, CharaExpo will also feature creator circles, better known as doujinshi 同人誌! This is our chance to enjoy a mini Comiket without having to fly to Japan!

Local creators can also apply to showcase their works.
Information on how to do so can be found on CharaExpo main page :

Also, fans of Grisaia and Bakemonogatari rejoice! Akio Watanabe (Character design for Grisaia no Kajitsu and Bakemonogatari) will be attending as well! Great news for fans! Great news for me also… (stares intently at new Kazuki deck)

Everything Grisaia…..cant wait for the 2nd season of the anime to air *doki doki*.

Fans of Super Robot Series, Omega Glendios and Daiyusha will also get a chance to meet their hero. Dont miss the chance to meet him in person!




Familiar faces who will be attending CharaExpo.


And of course, the main thing we are expecting to see at a Bushiroad event….Tournaments! There will be Cardfight!! Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz and ChaOS tournaments, so brush up your skills and Ren Ping for June!

Based on the information given to us, the format for the tournaments will be as such(there might be changes) :
Cardfight!! Vanguard (Japanese Format)
Team League Cardfight!! Vanguard (English Format)
Weiss Schwarz (Japanese Format)

Do stay tuned, we will update when more information becomes available!

I will definitely attend the ChaOS event, after all we are about ChaOS TCG. Hope to see you guys there!

There might be a surprise gunslinger match for ChaOS players too….*hint hint* Who is coming down =D


King of Sports will be holding exhibition matches on both of the day. Its time to watch some REAL action wrestling instead of trying to smash our siblings/relatives on bed or mattresses with our half baked wrestling moves during Chinese New Year.

Getting hit by Hiroshi Tanahashi will definitely hurt, look at those biceps! D:

He was pretty fun to be around with during the event, he even lifted one of the female attendee to pose for a photo. His English was quite fluent and our dear MC Kai-kyun didnt even need to translate much for him. *heh*

Guess we have more things to expect this June.


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Of course, this has nothing to do with Samurai 7, but one can hope right? I swear it got nothing to do with the fact I couldn’t find a nice featured image for Sacred Seven.

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