[ChaOS]Oreyome Cup at Chara Expo!

Today has been a long and exciting day for Chaos players in Singapore. Players had to battle it out with their waifu and prove that their love is the strongest!

It took a total of 6 rounds to determined the top placing and there was a variety of decks seen. At the end, 3 series made it into the top 4 – Palette, Grisaia, Touhou.

From Palette, we have the aggressive type partner that will smack you face in twice, Konami. And smacking everyone aside to claim the top spot today in Oreyome Cup.


From Grisaia, we have the carrot deck… I mean Kazuki & Amane. Why stop at 1 when you can have 2!


Also from Grisaia… a grown up Amane is fine too


From Touhou, we have Marisa shooting down people.


We did not take a video of the final match… because we did not even know that it was the final round until the results were out. Our bad =/

It was great to see so much Chaos players in Singapore, we got to know a few more new players, and acquaintance became better friends. Overall, we will say the event is a great start for Chaos players here and hopefully we can grab the attention of Bushiroad that there are actually many players outside of Japan!

Here are some photos that we took from the event.











Here we have our resident bad luck with tournament player… Well, at least he still believe in his waifu.


The loot for today Chaos event.


Time to make a Shiyoko deck!

Later is the last day for Chara Expo. For those who have to check it out should do so, there are lots of thing to check out so JUST DO IT!.

[ChaOS]Touhou Special Booster

I’m sure by now, everyone have heard, Touhou is finally legal for shop tournament! Time to stop hearing people saying Touhou is banned caused its overpowered. If they really go and check, that is not the case… Oh well, going off topic here.

This post is about the new Touhou booster that was released just recently. The cards pool this time is really small, but the cards are super interesting and useful to the older cards.
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