Moar updates and spoilers from Nicolive 30/07/2015


With Strike witches being released today, and excitement all over the place for the upcoming releases, this particular session of nicolive sure got most of our attention. Not gonna keep you guys waiting for long, sneak peeks for card effects after the break~ is what I’d like to say, but first let us appreciate some fine art…


Fine art, really, if you get me.

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[ChaOS] Series Introduction – Angel Beats!

Welcome to another Series Introduction. It’s been awhile, but we’re happy to present Angel Beats! -1st beat-.

Translation has been completed for both the Booster and Trial Deck!

Now as we all know, this series has been hyped for quite a long while, and finally being released to the delight of many fans (those extremely hanzai level signs :D).
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[Crusade] Screw the Rules – I’m losing? God, help me!

#This is a disclaimer that NoRenPing is in no way advocating for or against any religion, take everything we post with a bucket load of salt.

#No dinobots are harmed in the process of creating awesome boomz.

Now that the nitty gritty is out of the way, it’s no secret that sunrise and really, anime in general loves their divine references as much as the internet, and that’s a lot.

Never forget

So it comes as no surprise that Sunrise anime is chocked full of dubious and deliberately abstract religious reference. For the folks that prefer the mythical over stinking sci-fi, this one’s for you.

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