Chaos Nicolive 24/03/2016

The cover picture summarized quite nicely what happened today for Nicolive, pic related as well. As informed during the previous Nicolive session 2 weeks ago, we had our long awaited announcements for series that will be joining Chaos TCG as new series.

First up, we have some “update campaign” of sorts, with sleeve sets that has additional PR cards together being sold. More info after the break>>>

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Chaos Nicolive 10/03/2016

So we just had another nicolive for Chaos earlier today, which featured Shinmai Maou no Testament as well as Steins;Gate 0/Chaos;Child, both of which are being released tomorrow, 11/03/2016. We also got to take a look at cards from the next coming expansion, Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm that is coming out on 24th this month as well.

Pretty sure they said they were slowing down the releases for this year though… guess its only slowing down after the next release. Great for my wallet, not so good for the card gamer in me… =X

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