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No Ren Ping is a collaboration between 6 guys (no homo) who enjoy card games. We aim to bring you interesting articles about Bushiroad’s ChaOS and Carddass’s Crusade TCGs, and maybe provoke some thought among our readers.

Basically we’re opinionated asses who want to share our ramblings and passion for children’s card games with the world. Support plz :3 よろしくお願いします!

“No Ren Ping” is a colloquial term that we use locally (here in sunny Singapore) to indicate a person’s “character”, or lack thereof. Yes, we spelt Ren Ping wrong, but this is a deliberate misspelling. The term is widely used by some of the local players in a variety of ways, for example:

“WTF I had 3 cards left in the deck and 2 of them are answers, but I top-decked the other card!”

“HAHA! Your ren ping must be terrible!”

It’s a little hard to grasp. But let’s not dwell on that, let’s start with the introductions.



 “Don’t tell me on guard. Just your partner stats“Started playing ChaOS becaue of touhou. Big time mistake there. It was a path of no return. One deck became two, two decks became four. So much for “I am going to form one deck only.”Mainly plays burn centric decks as trample is too main-stream, walking in to burn down the house is better than beating people’s waifu up! No points right for guessing who his favorite character is from touhou.ChaOS Decks:Marisa Kirisame, Remilia Scarlet, Flandre Scarlet, Youmu Konpachi, Sakuya Izayoi, Reimu Hakurei, Yukari Yakumo, Aya Shameimaru, Suika Ibuki, Nymph(SnO),  Karasu & Suzune(Senkoi), Iona(Ars Nova), Haruna(Ars Nova)Crusade Decks: #YOLO RGZ(Dynamic)


Playing card games for the last 14 years and Crusade for the last 5 years or so he shifted to Crusade after leaving Yu-gi-oh with fond memories. Loves deck building and card analysis and often comes up with radical deck ideas that works (mostly). Also playing Hearthstones casually in his off time.Decks: G-Lock Akito of the Exiled/SPT Layzner(SC), Green/Red Reflection of Oz (SC), Knight of the Rounds (SC), Code Geass R1/ GaoGaiGar Final (SC), Green Black Knights R1/R2 (SC), GaoGaiGar Final/Escaflowne (SC), GaoGaiGar/Geass R2 (SC), GaoGaiGar/Sacred Seven (SC), J-Decker/Zegapain (SC), L-Gaim/Geass R2(SC), Rahxephon (Bones), Blue Rurouni Kenshin (KC), Green Juppongatana (KC), Red/Black Salena-Nadesico C (Xebec), Red/Black Aestivalis (Xebec), Gekiganger3(Xebec), Cybuster/Rapiecage (OG), Excellence (OG), Lamia/TEAs (OG), SRX Team (OG), Red/Black DGGs (OG),  Red/Black Spirit AMs(OG), Red/Black Inspectors OTK (OG), Compatible Kaiser(OG) and more.


わたしは普通のかわいいおんなのこですっ!Started on ChaOS with Grisaia series due to “AHAHAHAHAHAHA WHERE ARE YOU GOING~”.. never managed to get away in the end. Luckily I didn’t though, or I’d have never found out how cute Kizuna from Reminiscence is . Self-proclaimed defensive player that ends up playing aggressive decks most of the time, I enjoy the process of constructing decks to achieve the balance of strong offense without compromise on defense. Personal favorite quote is “I’ll start defending when your deck is your waiting room” (no, really, I’m a defensive player at heart.)Longest history with Grisaia, main partners used are: (Grisaia 1.0) Irisu Makina (Grisaia EP) Kazami Kazuki, Irisu Makina, Matsushima Michiru, JB (Grisaia 2.0) Suou Amane, Matsushima Michiru, Kazami Yuuji (‘&’) Kusui Riko, Koorihama Juri (Daito) Suzuki Kana (Reminiscence) KIZUNA , Nozomi, Sasano Madoka、Hasegawa RenCrusade: Xebec (mainly Sokyuu no Fafner)


Joined Crusade at first for Code Geass, Kouzuki Kallen and her Guren Nishiki. kyosuke then went on to build and complete a s-CRY-ed deck, his first fully-formed deck. He has since expanded his horizons with OG Crusade, and currently owns more than 10 OG decks. Also recently started playing ChaOS, starting with Grisaia for Amane. When he gets tired and eventually stops thinking, he plays Weiss Schwarz and Cardfight!! Vanguard. An avid MMORPG player, fighting game enthusiast, Pokemon Master and League of Legends scrub. Also has a soft spot for sexy older sister characters, and red mecha, and not necessarily in that order.For Crusade, kyosuke mainly plays with his ATX Team, Exexbein/Customize Coin, Zelvoid PT, Valvrave and Neo Granzon decks. For ChaOS, kyosuke plays Tedeza Rize (Gochiusa), Kirima Sharo (Gochiusa), Suou Amane (Grisaia) and Knights of the Round Table (Eiyuu Senki).


Before playing ChaOS, Fadekyun was pretty much just an ordinary person living an ordinary life. All that changed when a certain Kawakami Kazuko (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai) appeared in his life, and thus became known as “Tyre-kun” due to the frequency of the set (タイヤトレーニング) appearing in his hand, even after multiple games. Plays an aggressive style of ChaOS due to Sakagami Tomoyo (CLANNAD) being his first deck and is known to favour partners that have Penetrate.Mainly owns Visual Arts, especially Little Busters!Plays Weiss Schwarz, ChaOS, Victory Spark and plans to start Crusade from the peer pressure.
ChaOS Decks : Sakagami Tomoyo (Clannad), Kawakami Kazuko (MajiKoi!), Tanigawa Kana (NatsuMachi), Haruki Urara (&), Honoue Maki (&), Natsume Rin (Little Busters!), Kamikita Komari (Little Busters!), Saigusa Haruka (Little Busters!), Kurugaya Yuiko (Little Busters!), Yarai Miu (Dracu-Riot!), Sakaki Yumiko (Grisaia)

A generic nice guy wannabe that takes playing card games a little too seriously at times. Has never been an exceptionally good player but tries his best anyway. Has a knack of putting weird convoluted cards and combos into decks that usually ends up in failure. Can be somewhat likened to an evil villain that tries every episode in a Super Robot series. Is actually human and not a banana.Decks: “ThereIsNoHimeInThisDeck Deck” Dragonar/Mai-Hime(SC), “The Falken Cometh” Dragonar/VOTOMs(SC), “The Big-AT” The Big-O/VOTOMs(SC), “The HERO TV Special” Da-Garn/TIGER & BUNNY(SC), “King Galient” King Gainer/Galient Crest of Iron(SC), “The Vision of Heroes” Might Gaine/Escaflowne(SC), “The Vision of Wiseman” VOTOMs/Escaflowne(SC), Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu (Blue Kenshin), Juupongatana (Green Kenshin), Team Rabbits_1 (Blue/Purple MJP), Team Rabbits_5(Red/Purple MJP), Vampires and Hamon (Blue/Red JoJo), Pillar Men and Hamon (Red/Blue JoJo), Coin Splash Exsexbein (Black OG), ATX Team (Black OG), Chokijin (Black OG), Zweizergain (Black OG, retired), Mugen no Frontier (Black/Blue/Green OG), Grungust Rush (Black OG, retired), RahXephon (Blue Bones, Retired)


DISCLAIMER: We do not own any of the art used in our banners. All credits go to their respective artists/copyright holders.