Chaos @ Battle Bunker

ChaOS Monthly at Battle Bunker

We look forward to your support in bringing more ChaosTCG tournaments in Singapore, and hopefully with a central location, we’ll see more players and their Chaos decks.

We will also be adopting a more casual format, so the winning prize is the usual full art PR only, but instead of packs, everyone gets a drink instead! This means you can stay at Battle Bunker for the rest of the day having fulfilled your 1 item purchase to use the area.

Battle Bunker is located at
Bugis+ #03-16/17 ,
201 Victoria Street ,
Singapore 188067

March Monthly Tournament Results

1st –  Huan Da         共存を目指して“太転依”「泉戸 こはく」

2nd – Micky              “艦長”“艦橋要員”家族と親友「岬 明乃」

3rd –  Yukun             “艦長”“艦橋要員”仲間と往く航路「岬 明乃」

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February Monthly Tournament Results

1st –  Huan Da       優等生の仮面「西条 緋文」

2nd – Robin             気高く貴き存在「ベアトリス」

3rd –  Maik              “艦橋要員”“砲雷科”砲撃ハイテンション「西崎 芽依」

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January Monthly Tournament Results

1st –  Jonathan       表情豊かなポーカーフェイス「秦 こころ

2nd – Joshua           英雄の支え「レム」

3rd – Huan Da       “織田家”天下布武「久遠」

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