[ChaOS] WGP 2016 Side event in Singapore

Last Sunday at a Bushiroad World Grand Prix Singapore, there was a Chaos side event and of course we went down to have some fun.

A total of 39 different partner was recorded though we missed a few as it was a single elimination match and a few left immediately after their match is over.


Here is a list of the partner played.

もうひとりの天才“ラボメン”「比屋定 真帆」NP-473 SA-003
彼女の思惑“ギガロマニアックス”「尾上 世莉架」SA-053
ネトゲの嫁は女の子「玉置 亜子」NY-001 x3
隠れオタJK「瀬川 茜」NY-007
美人国語教師「斉藤 結衣」NY-027
先代魔王の娘「成瀬 澪」ST-005 x3
腹ペコ女王「鳶沢 みさき」s/f-104 x3
二人で一緒に「綾地 寧々」YZ-201 x2
手作りのプレゼント「因幡 めぐる」YZ-206 x2
純粋無知“吸血鬼”「稲叢 莉音」YZ-054
ふたりで進む道「ムラサメ」YZ-311 x2
届いた言葉「朝武 芳乃」YZ-301 x2
ワタシの幸せ「常陸 茉子」YZ-306
いつもの待ち合わせ場所へ「朝倉 由夢」DC-176
想いを伝える「白河 ことり」DC-167
大切なモノを守るために「リーネ」SW-351 x2
自由な世界を望む少年「空木 レンカ」GE-001
めぐる季節“冬”「一条 蛍」NB-006
“艦橋要員”“砲雷科”無口な砲術長「立石 志摩」HF-007 x2
“艦橋要員”“砲雷科”砲撃ハイテンション「西崎 芽依」HF-010
天衣無縫の左将軍「徳河 吉音」AT-001
表情豊かなポーカーフェイス「秦 こころ」TPsp-UD005
ぱるぱるしるばー「銀条 春心」NV-325
兄に芽生えた恋心「浅葉 こなみ」PT-011

Or in image form


Although it was single elimination and the event started at 2 pm, it only concluded at 6 pm after fierce rounds.

Here is the placement for the event.

1st – Joshua ( ふたりで進む道「ムラサメ」)

2nd – Ameke (表情豊かなポーカーフェイス「秦 こころ」)

3rd – Jonathan(“艦橋要員”“砲雷科”無口な砲術長「立石 志摩」)



Here is our winner for the event. With a partner that cant block on her own.



And our third place winner. A new teitoku who believe in “fire” power.

Some picture from the event.


All pumped up and ready to go in the first round.


Some are all smiles.


Some are really deep in thoughts.


Some wonder why their cards are in waiting room.


Some wonder how to destroy his opponent.


Some stares at their own partner while other stares at opponent’s


Some invade opponent’s playing field with cards.


Some has really nice printed shirt.


Some has nice play mats



Overall I had fun at the event, meeting players that I dont usually meet because of we play at different store.

Since Yuzusoft was just released, plus the PR card for the event was for it as well, there was tons of Yuzusoft deck. I remember thinking that Murasame will be a weak partner because all the stats on the “fake” partner 夕暮れのひと時「有地 将臣」and a null stats gain event will screw it over. I actually had a hard time going against it because I do not play null stats gain event. Also, it is not always you get that event in hand.


Also, since you get to hit twice with partner stats wise power twice, he can actually clean out your deck really fast.


I guess I have to change my way of thinking on it. Since Murasame is really cute… Maybe I should consider making her deck as well!

Ever since i started playing Chaos abit more seriously, I usually bring Marisa to tournaments. This is the first time I used someone else other than her.


And no, my best waifu is still Marisa… It is just that Kokoro has a bit more fire power than her this time around with the new update sleeves PR.

With the correct sets and character, it is possible for her to achieve a total of 9 burn damage in both players’ battle phase in the deck I have build.

For Haifuri Shima, she is also a burn type deck with effect close to Kokoro.


And this particular Shima deck that I fought against build it around burn. I probably would have lost against it if my Kokoro’s set does not have the effect to reduce non battle damage by 3.

Overall, the experience this time is great and time to hope again that next year we can actually have a WGP Chaos instead of side event again.

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