Netoge Live 25/08/2016

Hi guys, its been a week since the last Nicolive, and its full of new information! The gap for release in December has finally been filled with the announcement of the new title today, as well as non-stop card spoilers for the next Chaos title release, Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?(Netoge) Not gonna keep you guys waiting, the information shown from the nicolive in the rest of the post~

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Chaos Nicolive 18/08/2016

Another nicolive session today, with some minor technical difficulties at the start which resulted in some casual discussions regarding the chaos environment.

Topic shifted to Re:zero going to Weiss as well*cough*, and the possibility of the banlist for Chaos being adjusted, such as removing the restriction of Drowning Fish *shock*
For those interested, the current banlist is available here:

As all these were discussed verbally, we don’t have any pictures, but information regarding upcoming releases and changes after the break~

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Chaos Nicolive 28/07/2016

Hi guys, today we had another Nicolive the day before the sales of Majikoi A Vol.2! Nothing much on Majikoi A covered in the video today as the full card list is out.

Translations for the list is coming along nicely, you can expect it to be out soon.

Moving back to the main topic, we have some new spoilers regarding the next 2 series to be released, Haifuri and Netoge, coming up after the break~!
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